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Rules and regulations

All events are run under ACU standing regulations other than any supplementary regulations issued by the North of England XC Club.

All riders who sign on at any North of England XC Club event, must read and agree to be bound by these rules and regulations, and or any supplementary regulations or final instructions issued on the North of England XC Club website or displayed at event control marquee prior to the start.

Motorsport can be dangerous and may involve injury or death. An Enduro is an off road event designed to test endurance. Failure to adhere to any of the rules below will lead to you been asked to leave the event. The Event organisers reserve the right to refuse admission without assigning a reason.

ALL competitors and support crew MUST attend event safety briefing prior to the event start.


Paddock Rules

•Please park as instructed by Marshals and Officials on arrival at the venue.

•STRICTLY NO Camping at any events unless advertised as camping available.

•NO Riding in Paddock or any other areas before event start.

•Check overnight camping availability on the North of England XC Club website before setting off.

•ALL litter must be taken home. DO NOT leave black refuse bags in paddock.

•Please refrain from dropping litter on the ground, please take it home with you.

•Pets MUST be kept on leads, and kept away from on track activities AT ALL TIMES. Children are always present at all North of England XC Club events.

•Litter...unless bins are provided TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME with you! Regular digital images of the parking areas will be taken so we know who was parked where! Its only a small minority that leave their rubbish ..we are watching!

•By entering any area under the control of North of England XC Club (whether you are riding or not) you are giving permission to be filmed and photographed.

•Minors under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

•Respect land owners land and any other items on site.

•Abuse to any Official or Marshal will lead to the person being removed from the venue.


During the Event

•All Riders MUST Sign on next to race number before machine examination.

•Machines MUST have clearly visible race numbers ON ALL 3 plates. No taped numbers – Bikes will be removed from the start area if all 3 plates are not numbered correctly.

•Blue Tape Areas are strictly walking pace only. Failure to comply is instant Disqualification.

•Lap Scoring Area strictly walking pace. Riders MUST stop for number reading.

•Strictly NO SMOKING and no children in Pits Area.

•Engines MUST be switched off during refuelling. Failure to comply is Disqualification.

•Riders can ONLY refuel in the official refuelling area. Failure to comply is Disqualification.

•Riders are not allowed to change bikes during the event.

•Outside assistance is NOT permitted from anybody, unless deemed to be an unsafe situation whereby only an official North of England XC Club marshal may assist. The only place you are allowed assistance, is in the Pits for refuelling.

•Riders with broken exhausts during an event MUST repair immediately. Failure to comply is Disqualification.

•Noisy bikes will not be allowed to start. Note Enduro Noise level 94dba. NO OPEN MX 4 STROKE EXHAUSTS.

•Rider / Competitor intimidation will not be tolerated. Failure to comply is Disqualification.

•Abusive behaviour, foul language or bad behaviour towards Spectators and Marshals - Instant Season Long Ban.

•Support crews must stay away from lap scoring area. Electronic devices can interfere with timing systems.  

•Course cutting will be dealt with immediately by the Clerk of the Course. Penalty IS Disqualification.

•Helmet, Boots, Goggles and other safety equipment MUST be worn by any riders competing. Short sleeve shirts are not allowed.

•Pressure washers are not allowed in the paddock area. Environmental code of practice.

•Remember to collect all items from the pits before leaving the venue.

•Unless instructed to do so by a Marshal or Official, any rider who attempts to overtake in Blue tape or Lap Scoring areas will have 1 lap removed from results. Walking pace only.

•In case of bike failure on the course, please park in a safe place away from the flow of riders. Any rider who retires from the race MUST inform event control before leaving the site. If you do not tell the event control you have retired marshals will not leave the venue as they have to assume you are still out on the course.


Do's and Don’ts at North of England XC Club events.

•You can change wheels during the event.

•You can use Fast fill fuel cans.

•You can stop on track for a rest. (Only in a safe, clearly visible place).

•You can ask marshals and officials for advice. They are all there to help and assist you.

•ALL RIDERS MUST Sign on before taking machine to start area.

•If a rider runs outside the course markers, they MUST return to the track in the same place.

•You CAN NOT stop before lap scoring to wait for the finish; whether you are injured or have a mechanical breakdown; when there  is more than 10 minutes to run on the official race timer.

•You CAN NOT change bikes.

•You CAN NOT ride with passengers on bike.

•You CAN NOT cut the course no matter how difficult the track becomes.

•You CAN NOT travel on the course in the wrong direction.

•You CAN NOT ride whilst under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs.

•Children under the age of 16 are NOT allowed in the Pit Area.

•There is a strict NO SMOKING policy in the PIT AREA. If anyone (RIDER OR CREW) is caught in the PIT AREA smoking the RIDER will be instantly disqualified from the days event – NO REFUND will be given. You will be asked to remove yourself from the PIT AREA, if that person then becomes abusive towards our member of staff, then the RIDER will be banned from neec events for ONE YEAR. This is a serious offence, and a breach of our health and safety policy, it is not acceptable, no excuses will be heard.


Event Notes.

•Results are printed and displayed shortly after the last rider in each event has finished and the course has been closed down.

•Trophy presentation takes place after the morning event and the afternoon event at event control.

•Timing systems run to the race duration, not the lead rider approaching race duration .i.e. if you pass through lap scoring with 1 second remaining you must complete one more full lap to be classed as a finisher. This lap will be added to your overall tally.

•Championship points will be posted on the North of England Enduro Championship web site  www.enduro-neec.org.uk

•You CAN NOT ride whilst under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs.

•The Parent/Guardian has to sign an indemnity before the event starts for the Youth event, stating the rider is fit and able to take part.

•The Parent/Guardian must satisfy themselves by walking the track prior to event start, that they are entirely satisfied with the layout and track conditions & that the rider is competent & able to negotiate the entire circuit. By signing on, a parent/guardian will have accepted these conditions.

•The Parent/Guardian must accompany a minor entrant to an event and will remain on site for the duration of time the rider is present at the venue.

•A youth participant has to be 12 years of age minimum and a maximum of 16 years old. Youth aged 15 can ride in the Adult classes.

•Junior riders are must be a minimum age of 7 years old and a maximum of 12 years of age.


Track Layout  

•The track will be marked with bright orange arrows which denote the direction of the course.

•Any boundaries and or prohibited areas will be marked with track tape. It is a condition of any rider who takes part to stay within the marked boundaries. Any non moveable objects which may prove to be an obstacle will be marked with bright coloured paint.

•Crossed orange markers will be used to warn riders of any hazards/dangerous obstacles.

•The course will be inspected by the Clerk of the Course, Event Secretary and Chief Marshal prior to the start of the event.

•Warning notices will be placed in any official spectator areas.

•Before the start of each event an event briefing will take place to inform all competitors about the nature of the track, rules for the day, start procedure, refuelling / pits and lap scoring procedure. At most events we are likely to have new to Hare & Hounds riders who have never competed before.

•It is the responsibility of the rider to proceed at a speed adequate to their individual ability.

•Practicing on the course before or after the event is strictly prohibited.

•The Child protection policy of the governing body will apply at all events.

•Any complaints / queries / Protest MUST be brought to the attention of the Clerk of the Course on the day of the event within 30 minutes of the Provisional results being released. Results remain provisional for 48 hours. Anyone wishing to contest them must contact the Secretary of the Meeting, in writing, with the sum of £50.

•Event control, Event Secretary, Medical personnel, North of England XC Club, Clerk of the Course, Lap Scoring and the Chief Marshal are in constant radio contact through the whole event.

•A number of travelling marshals will be on course during each event to ensure all parts of the course are covered and patrolled in the event of any accident.

•The organisers provide a 4x4 vehicle which is available to recover bikes and/or riders from hard to reach locations. Only appointed persons are allowed to drive these vehicles.

•If the RED flag is waved at any time during an event, riders must stop immediately and await further instructions from officials.

•If a rider is shown the black flag they must stop immediately and be escorted from the track by an official.

•When the chequered flag is shown this is the end of the event, at this point competitors must return to the paddock observing paddock rules and or signs.







•North of England XC Club Membership is £5 per year 1st January to 31st December.

•Annual ACU licences are available from the ACU or day licences are available for £15 when entering the event. If you intend to ride more than 4 events its recommended to buy an annual ACU licence.

•Adult Online entry fee is £45. On the day and postal entry fees are £55.

•Youth Online entry fee is £30. On the day and postal entry fees are £40.

.•If an event is postponed by North of England XC Club, and you have paid, entry fee’s will be carried forward ONE EVENT ONLY.

•ACU Enduro licences are acceptable.

•If you don’t hold an annual 2016 ACU licence you MUST buy an ACU Day Licence, NO exceptions.

•Any subsequent written instructions and or entry forms shall have the same force as these standing regulations and supplementary regulations which may be issued in hard copy or via the nexc club website.

•North of England XC Club reserve the right to alter/amend these rules and regulations without giving prior notice.














These are designed to create a legally binding relationship in return for your being allowed to participate in North of England XC Club events.

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